Building Consensus: Conflict and Unity

By Monteze M. Snyder, with Cheryl Gibbs, Susan A. Hillmann, Trayce N. Peterson, Joanna Schofield, George H. Watson



Chapter 1: Consensus - A Different Approach

Chapter 2: Attitudes that Set the Stage for Consensus-Building

Chapter 3: Practices that Support Consensus-Building

Chapter 4: When We Disagree

Chapter 5: The Facilitator or Clerk in the Consensus Process

Chapter 6: Deciding by Consensus

Chapter 7: The Agenda

Chapter 8: Making and Taking Minutes

Chapter 9: When Dissent Occurs in Decision-Making

Chapter 10: Consensus and Other Decision-Making Approaches

Chapter 11: Quakers and Consensus Decision-Making

Appendices: Tools for Using Consensus
          Appendix A Consensus Practices Checklist
          Appendix B Group Dynamics Evaluation Form
          Appendix C The Use of Electronic Mail in the Consensus Process of Decision Making

Supplement to " The Use of Electronic Mail in the Consensus Process of Decision Making"


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Friendly Consensus: Speak, Listen, Unite

By Trayce N. Peterson, Mary Ann Downey, Suzannah Mullin Schmitz, George Nickolopoulos




Chapter 1: Expressing Beliefs and Values

Chapter 2: Encouraging Ideas with Active Listening

Chapter 3: Practicing Consensus

Chapter 4: Win-Win Negotiation

Chapter 5: Teamwork and Team Roles

Chapter 6: Making Good Decisions Together

Student Evaluation

Copyright © Earlham Press - Used by permission

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Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making

By Sam Kaner, with Lenny Lind, Catherine Tolda, Sarah Fisk and Duane Berger


Part I: Grounding Principles

•  The Dynamics of Group Decision-Making

•  Participatory Values

•  Introduction to the Role of the Facilitator

Part II: Facilitator Fundamentals

•  Facilitative Listening Skills

•  Facilitating Open Discussion

•  Alternatives to Open Discussion

•  Chart Writing Technique

•  Brainstorming

•  Tools for Managing Long Lists

•  Dealing with Difficult Dynamics

•  Designing Realistic Agenda

Part II: Building Sustainable Agreements

•  Principles for Building sustainable Agreements

•  Gathering Diverse Points of View

•  Building a Shared Framework of Understanding

•  Developing Inclusive Solutions

•  Striving for Unanimity

•  Reaching Closure

•  Facilitating Sustainable Agreements

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Clerking with Joy and Confidence


Consensus and the Sense of the Meeting

Role of the Clerk

Conduct of the Meeting

Conflict and Dissent

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