Participant Comments

"Friendly Consensus is a thoughful, Clear and student-friendly guide to the process and practice of consensus." Deborah Ricky, Earlham college; former high school principal

"I will share the information from this workshop with all the partners at Jubliee, use it to facilitate meetings and implement specific ideas like having our group agree on guidelines for meetings." Barb Chantry, Jubilee Partners

"[Ms. Downey] engaged everyone in the experience of decision-making using consensus. Participants relay back to me that they are actually facilitating, teaching, and using Consensus Building in their workplace, in community and church organizations, and at home, when difficult decisions need to be made." Sandra Fisk, Learning Director, Leadership Greater Galesburg

"Ms. Downey is a master at conveying ideas and processes to others through her speaking, examples, exercises, and story telling. I have observed different language in our local media that tells me an impact is being made because leaders in our community really understand Consensus Building."  Sandra Fisk, Learning Director, Leadership Greater Galesburg

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